Who We Work With

PPG works with some of the world’s largest organisations, family businesses and privately owned companies. We have built a leading reputation in client services, resulting in PPG becoming a credible choice for large PLCs whilst offering a bespoke hands-on approach which resonates with smaller businesses. All our clients take comfort in our track record for excellence and adding value to their projects.

"PPG works hard, very hard and spots opportunities others miss"

Baytree homes

"A slick operation"

Millwood designer homes

"PPG delivers"

co-op bank

"We trust PPG to deliver"

Stratus securities

"PPG is the best sales and marketing solution for any developer or housebuilder"

Quad developments

"PPG is a pleasure to work with"


"An incredible achievement, PPG ensured the project was a success when other bigger brands had failed"

Yorkshire bank

"In a difficult market PPG delivered more money in less time, a truly impressive result"

Anglo-Irish bank

"PPG consistently delivers impressive results"

Hadley property group