Our Approach

Developers, housebuilders, property portfolio owners, banks and funders alike trust us to help ensure their projects succeed. We'd like to do the same for you.

Becoming your team

With Private Property Group, you work with a team that treats your business as carefully as our own. You’ll find we immerse ourselves in your brand. Your customers will see us as your in-house team, representing you professionally and serving them attentively. And you’ll know we’re confidential, discreet and working hard to protect your business. It’s why our clients keep coming back to us. We’re confident you will too.

Managing your project

You only have to pay us when you use us. When you don’t need our services, you can feel sure we’ll be ready when you do. And we’re the only business of our kind that will cover all your sales, marketing and resource costs in our fee. We also link your success with our remuneration. So we’re responsible for everything we do, focused on giving you the best results, and committed to helping you focus on other areas of your business.

Serving your customers

We will build a diverse team of people for you. However, we all have certain qualities in common. We’re friendly, approachable people your customers will like and your business can trust. We will get to know you, your properties and goals, delivering exceptional service to you and your customers.

Enhancing your communications

We will always keep in touch with you. There’s no waiting around or chasing us for information. And because we’re a close team that shares ideas and resources, you’ll receive immediate updates on how your project is progressing and any issues.