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Adding Value

You have meaningful goals which you have to achieve in these uncertain times. PPG will make your sales and marketing as powerful as it possibly can be. Our in-house style sales and marketing services are delivered by some of the industry’s most experienced and dynamic individuals. We understand our clients’ aspirations and we are as dedicated to their goals as they are. PPG sells property when other organisations fail to do so.

About Us

Private Property Group was founded in 2008. We built our business on one goal: to bring exceptional service to the new-build property sector. This ambition has served us and our clients well. We've grown to become a leading property consultancy, sales and marketing resource that provides the services clients need, when they need them.

"We trust PPG to deliver"

Stratus securities

"A slick operation"

Millwood designer homes

"Great people to work with"


"An incredible achievement, PPG ensured the project was a success when other bigger brands had failed"

Yorkshire bank

"PPG is a pleasure to work with"


"PPG’s results have had a hugely beneficial effect on a company"

Perpetuum developments

"PPG works hard, very hard and spots opportunities others miss"

Baytree homes

"In a difficult market PPG delivered more money in less time, a truly impressive result"

Anglo-Irish bank

"PPG consistently delivers impressive results"

Hadley property group

"PPG delivers"

co-op bank

"PPG is the best sales and marketing solution for any developer or housebuilder"

Quad developments

Case Studies

We're big enough to work on some of the UK's largest deals and projects. We're agile too. So you can be sure you'll achieve successful results in good time. In our case studies, you'll see how we've helped others reach their goals.

Our Services

Our services embrace every stage in the property development process. And because we're incentivised on results, we're always striving to make your project successful.


We've been responsible for some of the country's biggest property transactions. Through us, you can access the expert contacts you need to acquire land on and off the market. And because we've always worked in acquisitions and disposals, our experience will keep everything moving.

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The property sector has rarely been more competitive. So it's vital to find a consultancy partner that knows the sector inside out. As a leader in property services, we've come to know what works and what doesn't. You can put these insights to work in maximising your results and growing your business.

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Sales & Marketing

Selling properties means presenting developments more effectively than the competition. We'll provide you with an onsite sales and marketing team comprising experienced salespeople you can trust and your customers will warm to. And because we're paid on results, your team will always work hard to drive your sales.

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Great interiors make properties more valuable. We’ll help you create interiors that attract the right investment. Our team and partners comprise some of London's leading architects and designers.

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Contract Progression

The time between agreeing sales and exchanging contracts can be challenging. So leave it to us. We'll iron out problems, propose solutions and smooth the path to quick completions. Throughout, our aim is to secure your cash flow, sales and reputation.

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Who We Work With

PPG works with some of the world’s largest organisations, family businesses and privately owned companies. We have built a leading reputation in client services, resulting in PPG becoming a credible choice for large PLCs whilst offering a bespoke hands-on approach which resonates with smaller businesses. All our clients take comfort in our track record for excellence and adding value to their projects.

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